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Hi, my name is Trescia, but most everyone calls me Tree.

Thank you for visiting my website and blog, “Blessences.”     I hope to have my website up sometime in the future, but until then, I will begin writing my blog, something I have never done before so this is a new venture.

As far back as I can remember, I have loved the Earth.  As a child, my relationship with her was somewhat private.  In my adult years, I have cautiously shared my experiences with only certain people as I have learned it can make some people uncomfortable, and others, simply do not believe in nature beings.  I am a bit protective of experiences that are Sacred to me.    Throughout my life’s journey, I have been  blessed to have friends  through particular passages in my life who shared my great love of Mother Earth and who recognized Nature Beings and honored the Sacredness of All. This has always been a  gift for me.

For many years now, I have watched as the health of our Beloved Earth has declined.  We have watched this same decline in our own health.  As with anyone we love, my heart seeks to stop the suffering of Earth.  Over the years, I have become more conscientious of anything I do that is contributing to this decline in Earth’s health and I have made changes in my habits and ways to lessen my “carbon footprint” upon the Earth.

Recently, I made a new commitment to Mother Earth to share with others some of the experiences I have had with her on my life’s journey.  I hope by openly sharing some of my experience of her many Blessences, I may open a door for others to share and remember their own experiences of Nature’s aliveness.  Blessences is a word I created accidentally, through malaprop, when I was trying to say, Blessed Essences.  Now I use this word to describe Blessed Essences that are around us.  All of nature is alive; food, flowers, trees, rocks, water, soil, grasses and more.  I believe we, all of humanity, are an  integral part of this living whole, one in which everything, both visible and invisible, has a Spirit that is in communication with everything else.

What would life be like if we fully recognized who we are as Spiritual beings?  What would life be like if we connected to the Blessed Essences that surround us?  What if we understood a tree is much more than a tall plant that shades us, or gives us fruit? What if we understood that plants growing on a hillside are a part of a community of other plants and actively share with and support one another or that flowers growing in the field have been around millions of years and throughout their journey for survival, have evolved tremendous healing gifts? What would our life be like if we understood that water not only gives us life, but it translates our words through changing its molecules.  There is great mystery within our beloved Mother Earth and all beings who live upon her and I believe there is no journey we can take that is as important as understanding our interconnectedness with the ALL.

My experiences are my own, just as with any relationship we have, each are unique to us.  My relationship with nature has been an intimate one for most of my life, yet, no one taught me these things as a child, it just seemed natural to me.   I feel I (we) have been born with amnesia and our journey is  about waking up and remembering our interconnectedness with the Whole.  Maybe, it is just a matter of recognition.  What I hope to blog about are experiences along my path of remembering who I AM.  I hope in sharing this, you may remember some of your experiences and possibly share them with me.

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