Blessences, More than a Malaprop

I seem to have a talent for creating malaprops.  Growing up, I was told more than once, something I had said, was not a word.   It never crossed my mind that the word I just said, was not a word.  Somehow, I would blend words and create a new word.  Most times, I do not even hear myself doing this.  A few years ago, I was speaking to my husband about the Flower Essences I was using.  I was so moved by their uplifting impact on me, I said to him, “These are Blessed Essences.”  At least that is what I thought I said.  He shared with me that what came out of my mouth was, “These are Blessences!”  Another malaprop.  He liked my new word so much, he wrote it down and several months later, he shared it with me.   I liked it too and I began to give this word an expanded meaning beyond the Blessed Essences of Flowers.  I call all the Blessed Essences  of nature, Blessences.

We are surrounded by Blessences all day and throughout our lives.  I cannot imagine what life would be like without these Blessences.  It would feel dead, empty, dull.

We are not separate from nature and all of its Blessences, we are a part of it.  We all have a Blessed Essence.  It is the Spirit of who we are. Just as trees, flowers, plant essences are influenced by their genetics, their history, challenges for survival, environment, weather, etc., we too have our essence which is also influenced by our genetics, history, challenges for survival, environment, etc.



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