Nature’s Magic


Two doors down from where I lived as a child, was the home of our elder neighbor Sam.   Sam had a huge grouping of Phlox flowers on the edge of his yard.  There were so many Phlox planted so tightly together that they looked like a bush.  I couldn’t ever walk by those Phlox without inhaling their lovely fragrance.  They quickly became my favorite fragrance and many times, I would intentionally walk up the block just to smell Sam’s Phlox flowers.

As an adult, I began learning about the healing gifts of “Flower Essences.”  I learned that Phlox brings peace and calm from environments challenged with tension.   Like many homes, ours had its share of tension.  We had six kids, a dog and a bird and my parents had a fair amount of stress.

When I learned about the wonderful healing qualities of Phlox Essences in my adult years,  I understood immediately why these flowers were so calming to me as a child.  Hazel and Merl, down on the corner, had flowers, Smith’s had flowers, Emma and Oscar had flowers.  I loved them all, but my nose found its favorite down at Sam’s with his Blessed Phlox.

After years of growing a deeper awareness and appreciation of nature, I understand that all of nature is giving to us every time we are outside with her.  Trees offer us a type of “grounding” and protection as well as many other unique gifts particular to the type of tree.   Each and every flower presents us not only with healing fragrances, but also with their vibrational information to help us be healthier and happier.  Most of us aren’t even aware of all these gifts that we receive, but when we haven’t been out in nature for a period of time, we can usually feel the tremendous blessing she is when we return to her.

I often hear people say that they love taking a hike in the woods or in their neighborhood.   Others love getting away to a lake for a few days.  Some, simply love sitting out in their yard in the sun.  All of these things have something in common.  They are healing.   Walking or sitting upon Mother Earth, surrounded by grasses, flowers, trees, sky, sun, and water; we are receiving, balancing, de-stressing, calming and continually we are being renewed.   Nature is quite the healer.

Even the birds beautiful songs have an impact.  They are uplifting to not only plants and animals, but all of us.  Bird songs carry frequencies and these frequencies have a powerful impact on us.

We are always receiving healing on a grand level when we are out in nature, even if we are not cognizant of it.   When we extend love back to nature, it is us who is healing and uplifting.  When we give gratitude for all we receive from nature, nature is grateful for us.  I have learned never to take nature for granted.  I always assume she hears me and knows how I feel about her.


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