Grandma’s Zinnias

By the age of six, I had lost both Grandmothers and Grandfathers.  My Mom lost her mother when she was only twelve years old.  Her Dad married again after all the kids grew up and his wife, Louise was the only Grandmother I ever knew, and I really loved Grandma Louise.

On Sunday afternoons we often went to visit my Grandma Louise.  When we visited in wintertime, most of the kids would go down the basement and play.  I always remember Grandma would have some plants growing down there.  I realize now, that they were summer plants that she brought in from the cold until she could plant them again in the summer.

My favorite time to visit my Grandma was in the summer.  That is when her yard would be in full bloom.  As soon as we got to her house, she would always bring us out to her back yard to look at her garden.  She had hundreds of zinnias and a few other plants and flowers, but to me, it seemed that almost the entire garden all the way around her yard was Zinnias.  Maybe, I only saw Zinnias because I loved them so much.  As soon as I stepped out her back door, I was uplifted and happy just seeing them.  Have you ever looked close into the face of a Zinnia?   They grow in a multitude of colors and their sweet faces seem so happy.  For me, it was like seeing old friends.  Just remembering her garden still uplifts me today.   When I learned as an adult about the Flower Essence of Zinnia’s, I wasn’t surprised at all.  Their Essence is the gift of Joy!    They always made me happy back then and they still do.

It was my Grandma who first told me that when the birds sing, they make the plants happy and they grow better. I have never doubted this.   I believe birds make us all feel better when they sing.  I don’t even mind them waking me up in the morning!   How lucky I was as a child to share a love of birds and flowers with my Grandma!



  1. I am loving reading your blog Tree! Like Grandma Louise and you, Zinnias make me so happy- Thank you for all you are sharing!

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